Sunday, July 19, 2009

community service projects

We had our last community service project yesterday out of 4 total. They were all hard work, some days were more physical labor than I've ever done but it was fun at times and felt good afterwards. The community service aspect of the trip is important while being in a third world country. It makes me glad I chose to come to a third world country out of lots of places because it's such a different experience and there's even a chance to help out.

Here is the stove Jillian and Jake and I made yesterday. It's just mud, rocks, bricks and ceramic pieces on top. The families have to cook on an open fire without the stove and this stove is much better for them and the environment. It was cool to see the families and their houses out in the more rural places.

This is the stove we made last week...

The other 2 days of the projects we dug irrigation ditches and reservoirs so the community's water supply could get to them and their crops. We had shovels and pick axes and had to hike down to the work site. It was a dusty and a lot of work.

This is the view from where we dug the first day...
The view but our teacher Jim got in my picture. I've really grown to like Jim. He's super nerdy and awkward and funny. It's cool to just hang out with him outside of class. Yesterday we all went to his apartment for drinks and food before going out to a nice dinner. He has an amazing view of the city, it was really fun.


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