Thursday, July 9, 2009

school, strikes and slides

Today and yesterday we had to walk to school because of transportation strikes and it's about a 50 minute walk, luckily we got taxis on the way home because the strikes die down in the afternoon. Today was also the last class for the next 1o days or so. We only have 1 more class and then finals.
Tomorrow we are going to a rural town about 2 hours away to dig irrigation ditches and Saturday we're building stoves for our community service project. Sunday we have a "free" day but most of our free time in the next 2 weeks will be spent writing our final essays and doing homework. Sunday our family is taking us to Tania's (our host mom) parents house about an hour away; should be interesting, her younger brother lives there too. (Then Monday is the AMAZONS!)

There's this really cool park near our house. There's actually really cool parks all around Cuzco with huge slides and stuff. This one has slides that look like snakes and a trampoline! I haven't been inside yet but I was anxious to post pictures so here are some from the outside...

Here's just another random picture. It's from the first week we were here, a bunch of us went out to the main plaza to the discotecas. It was fun, I wish we could all go out and hang out more but we're so busy and tired all the time it's hard. (You can see the little girl on the left who followed us around trying to sell us stuff for a while. She was out really late too.)

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