Thursday, June 18, 2009

day 2

Today is my second day in Cusco, Peru.
I just met my host family-- Sandro (the father), Tania (the mother) and their 3 year old son Joaquin. They seem very nice and happy to have us. (Joaquin is still too shy to talk to us but he's very cute.) Tania's 17 year old brother, Benji, was there too and showed Jillian and I to the internet cafe.
I'm not sure what I imagined the house to be but it's very nice (pictures to come soon, I haven't taken any yet, there's plenty of time). My roommate Jillian knows less Spanish than I do but for the most part communication has been going's still awkward but we're getting better already.
Jillian and I share a big room with two twin beds downstairs and our own bathroom, kind of separate from the main house.
We start class tomorrow and have some small day trips this weekend.
I still am not used to being here, I can't believe I am here. I'm hoping I get used to the situation soon.

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