Monday, June 29, 2009

We were told tomorrow's 4hr Spanish class was canceled because of a transportation strike and only a few hours later they said class was back on...what a disappointment! I had 2 small presentations in Spanish today after completely losing my voice yesterday but it was much better today just a little scratchy. We have two 8hr days this week and a 6 hr day then Lake Titicaca for the weekend.

Today we only had 4hrs of class and afterward our family took us out to lunch. It was nice. The little boy still won't say more than "hola" and "chao" to us. It's disappointing, he's really cute. Sometimes he will stand in the other room and wait for us to look at him then run away. They ordered us "cerveza negra" or black beer at lunch and it was really good even though I don't usually like dark beer. Joaquin, the 3 year old, liked the beer too! They gave him just a little and he wanted more.

Saturaday we toured 3 Cathedrals in Cuzco with our class.
I didn't take many pictures inside because you're not supposed to.
The Spanish built their churches right on top of Incan temples.
Lots of painting and gold inside.

Yesterday we went to Andahuaylillas and Tipón.

We didn't do much in Andahuaylillas besides see the church that's referred to as the Sistine Chapel of the Americas. Of course we couldn't take pictures inside. It was impressive but not quite the Sistine Chapel. It seemed similar to the other churches we toured the day before.

I fed this stray the end of my ice cream cone, she was so skinny and sad.

When we got to Tipón, we had lunch in this small plaza. There were stray dogs everywhere and I think everyone gave them a little something. They were so sad..
There were also little kids playing volleyball and a couple girls from our group joined in.

This is what most of the town looked like, plus lots of animals. I liked the feel of it.

The ruins of Tipón are also the site of Incan aqueducts; parts of which still had water.

All of the terraces had these cool steps up them. They weren't as fun on the way back down. I clung to the wall a bit.

From there we hiked following the aqueduct up the mountain. The high altitude makes me tired quickly...not to mention the heat and I was sniffly and losing my voice yesterday! It was a tough hike for me, 10 other people and I didn't go all the way but it was still an amazing view.

On our way out of the town, our bus was stopped by a heard of sheep, which

Random picture:
Our little host brother's kindergarten has this awesome mural outside.

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