Saturday, June 20, 2009


Some pictures to highlight the first few days in Cusco...

Band at the restaurant we ate in the first night.
there was a similar band at the Cusco Airport, very good!

My roommate Jillian and I overlooking Cusco at night. SO COLD!

We went to Sacsayhuamán today. It is the site of an ancient Incan city surrounded by huge stone walls.
These are the tunnels we had to go through to get to the inner part. Some parts of it were pitch black!

Inside Sacsayhuamán...

Giant natural slide! (I'm sliding down at the top in the blue)

Kevin Fagan (one of the Cal Poly professors on the trip) and I with Cusco behind us.

There are always parades going on.
Next week is the winter solstice celebration, Initi Raymi.
This is a parade of kids dancing that was going on the in main plaza yesterday.

(short video of the parade)

Llamas in the street!

Tomorrow we're going to the ruins and markets at Pisac for the day and an alpaca farm on the way!

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  1. thanks for putting up the pictures.
    i am jealous of you on that slide. the ruins and llamas look dope too.

    post script: you have a cute face