Sunday, June 28, 2009

I wish I could update this more ; its hard to get somewhere with wireless plus I've been busy with school and homework which is no fun

I've had a little cold for 2 days now but it feels like its almost gone

I can't wait til we start going on our overnight trips (lake titicaca, the amazon and machu pichu)
Those are all towards the end of our stay here though

Food here is good. We eat at home with the family mostly.. Lots of potatoes and rice.
They eat big lunches and small breakfasts and dinners so sometimes I get hungry during the day.

Were taking a day trip today to a town with churches and ruins and hiking
I will post those pictures sometime this week hopefully

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  1. thanks great that you are getting over your cold. you need to cook me tons of peruvian potatoes when you get back. hope you have fun at the psychedelic churches/ruins